I worked with this Midshipman and his family on three Naval Academy photography sessions, creating a beautiful time capsule of their journey on the yard for them to remember forever. In the meantime, we also fostered a type of relationship I hope to build with all my clients! Keep reading for more about these sessions, some awesome photos, and some information about a time capsule package. 

USNA Midshipman family smiling commissioning week.

I just have to show off this collection of images from a three-time repeat Naval Academy photography client! They booked three sessions which allowed for the perfect Naval Academy photography collection!  

The Perfect Collection of Naval Academy Photography: 

  • Service dress blues in the fall
  • Choker whites in the spring
  • A family session during commissioning week
  • Bonuses: adorable sweetheart photos with the midshipman’s girlfriend and a sibling who was meant for a runway 

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorites from the Naval Academy photography collection! 

In Blues 

On our first Naval Academy photography session, we braved the cold on a November afternoon and went to nearly all of my favorite locations (you can read more about those here). We started at Mahan Hall, and quickly made our way to Stribling Walk. This section of images from Mahan, down Stribling to the Mexican American War Monument, and over to the green bench was my favorite. 

This midshipman’s great skin tone and hair color with his blues and the gorgeous Annapolis Fall foliage could not have been more perfect for Naval Academy photography. I just love the saturated colors! 

In Whites

After I delivered these, this Mid’s mom and I coordinated a second session, in whites! We’d hoped to get family photos in the Fall but were unable to do so, so this time, the MidMom and girlfriend came along! Though we repeated a few of the locations, the overall feel of the gallery was completely different in whites! I also got some photos of him with his beautiful mother! I just love Mid Moms! I will share the ones of his mom and girlfriend later on. 

 In this particular Naval Academy photography session, I was really drawn to Bancroft Hall. We walked the stairs and posed in the doorway, symbolizing the journey that would soon be taken through those doors!  These images felt traditional, strong, and anticipatory as graduation crept closer! 

Naval Academy Photography During Commissioning Week

The third session was with the whole family during commissioning week. My spots are always very limited for this week, and I was incredibly grateful to get this family in. By now, I’d been communicating with mom quite a bit and I was ecstatic to meet the rest of the family! We walked and talked and despite the yard being very crowded, we were able to take a lot of photos I loved. Mid Mom was drawn to the rotunda, so the rotunda it was! The ones in the doorway of Bancroft Hall were some of my favorites! Look how sweet these are of mom and dad! 

I also have to throw in these goodies from the Naval Academy Supe’s garden party!

Sweetheart Photos

As I said before, having three photography sessions together had its bonuses! For example – How adorable are these Naval Academy sweetheart photos from the spring session and the commissioning session? 


And the final bonus? The Midsib whom my camera loved! I just love the sparkle in his eyes and his willingness to “play” with the camera for me. If the modeling agencies come to call, I hope he will answer! 

Senior Photo in Annapolis Maryland.

Fostering Relationships

Working with these clients three times really made me reflect; while Naval Academy Midshipman is my specialty, it certainly comes with a unique challenge; My clients are always leaving! While other photographers build up businesses with repeat clients, my little business has to start anew every year! 

I don’t say this for pity points, but so that you understand how deeply I mean it when I say I appreciate my repeat clients! And these clients in particular are near and dear to my heart! I hit it off with the Mid Mom immediately and that appreciation built up more and more over time! By the time this family moved on from their time on the yard, it felt like saying goodbye to friends! These relationships feel important to me in making great photos during Naval Academy photography sessions.   

I hope I could have a chance to build this type of connection with more clients as I continue Naval Academy photography. To foster this, I have added time-capsule packages. These offer a discount for those scheduling multiple sessions on the yard. Whether a plebe or a firstie, there is always a reason to document your legacy! Click here to contact me for information about these packages. 

A special hello and thank you to this family, if they read this. I miss you!  

USNA Naval Academy family photos in Annapolis.
Midshipman and Mom during Naval Academy Photography session with Midshipman specialist photographer, Kelly Eskelsen

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Kelly is a USNA Midshipman photography specialist in Annapolis, Maryland. She is also a Navy veteran, wife, and mom of 4. She talks way too much and loves to do anything outside! Find more out more about her on her website! Kelly Eskelsen Photography

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