Let’s recap this Naval Academy Photography Session!

In November 2022, I set out with this Midshipman for Firstie, a.k.a. senior photos, and Naval Academy photography to document his time at the USNA!

I photographed without my beloved assistants on this beautiful November day, but this awesome client was so easy going it took all the pressure off!

We had a chance to visit lots of my favorite locations. As always, I particularly love these ones in front of my hidden gem, Mahan Hall, so let’s start there!

Mahan Hall; always a favorite for Naval Academy photography

If you read my blog post about my favorite locations, you know that Mahan ranks up there. So, as most evening sessions go, we started there and it did not disappoint. We did my favorite thing and just walked for a few shots, then hopped up on the stairs for some classic USNA portrait shots. I just love how these Firstie photos turned out. I hope mama has them hanging on a wall somewhere!

Naval Academy Photography Without My Assistants!

When I am at the Naval Academy for a photography session, I usually have one of my awesome assistants with me! I am spoiled by this because they haul around all my extra photography equipment and hold my light! It is also really nice to have a third person for my clients to talk to while I mess around with settings. I am blessed that my assistants usually are able to tease out some awesome smiles!

All the worry for for naught during this photography session at the Naval Academy. I just brought my trusty light stand and this client was so wonderfully easygoing. At every request he just said “yup” and did exactly what I asked! It is worth noting that he also endured my constant rambling like a professional listener. If that is a thing? What’s more… It was a Friday night and he had friends and drinks waiting for him yet he waited as I unleashed my inner perfectionist, stubbornly snapping away until I felt like I’d nailed every single photo.

Dahlgren Hall Delivers

It just wouldn’t be a Naval Academy Photography Session if I didn’t visit Dhalgren Hall and those beautiful lights. Of course we got my signature shot with the lights in the background, but I really loved these with the flag! And I couldn’t help but grab a few as he was walking away.

Just look at that hat tip! I usually do not edit in black and white as I usually like true to color photography, especially with all the great colors and scenery at the Naval Academy, but this just seemed fitting.

Photography Session Surprise Ending

It’s no secret that I produce very consistent photography for these Naval Academy sessions. Therefore, I have some standard shots that I know will be classic and give the Mid-Parents something beautiful to hang on a wall for generations! However, I had been inspired by another photographer and was dreaming of a shot with dramatic light and sword. Surprisingly, no other Midshipman clients had brought a sword to their session yet! So, I went for it. Surprise! Here is a new shot I would like to work towards mastering with crispy, colorful perfection like my other standard photos.


Does anyone else have sword?

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Kelly is a USNA Midshipman photography specialist in Annapolis, Maryland. She is also a Navy veteran, wife, and mom of 4. She talks way too much and loves to do anything outside! Find more out more about her on her website! Kelly Eskelsen Photography

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