Christmas Mini Session at the Naval Academy

Last week I was on the yard at the Naval Academy photographing the nicest plebe, when we came upon the Zimmerman Bandstand all decorated with company plates and lit up for Christmas! I was immediately inspired and knew MidMoms would love this setup as much as I do. From there, an idea was born! Why don’t I offer Midshipmen Christmas Mini Session Photography at the Naval Academy? From there, I reached out to some MidMoms who might be interested and I was so grateful to be able to work with this sweet plebe! This session sealed the deal and I will DEFINITELY be offering Midshipmen Christmas Mini Sessions of photography at the Naval Academy in 2023. I already can’t wait.

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The sweetest thing about this midshipman is that during his Christmas mini session, he just wanted to tell me about his faith. He radiated excitement about his belief system and was even writing an essay about it!

A MidMom Helped Me Dream Up Christmas Mini Sessions

I know I have said it a million times, but I am blessed with the best clients of all time, Mid-parents. If this isn’t the best bunch of people that every graced the earth, I don’t know who is. After this Christmas mini session, I chatted with the MidMom of this mid. She happens to be an amazing photographer as well as a detail oriented planner and she gave me some awesome feedback.

She loved the images from her Midshipman’s Christmas Mini session and she helped me brainstorm things that might work to best serve my beloved clients during the Christmas season next year.

Keep reading for what I am thinking of offering.

Chrismas Mini Photography Sessions at the Naval Academy in 2023

Nothing is concrete, but here is what I am thinking the packages will look like next year.

  • 20 minutes of photography
  • 10 images, edited and delivered in an online, password-protected gallery
  • Rapid delivery – within one week
  • Surprise USNA-related Christmas content in your online gallery


Possible add-ons:

  • Extended Gallery (15-20 Images) – $100
  • Retouching – $50

What do you think about this Christmas mini-session setup? Comment below! I love feedback! And if you want to be the first to sign up when I offer these, make sure to click the link below!

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Kelly is a USNA Midshipman photography specialist in Annapolis, Maryland. She is also a Navy veteran, wife, and mom of 4. She talks way too much and loves to do anything outside! Find more out more about her on her website! Kelly Eskelsen Photography

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